About us


is also very important in our business.
Every day the Research and Development Department is testing innovative
solutions and new interesting flavours. Thanks to these actions
we cooperate with customers who expect original
solutions, dedicated only to their products.

We have also surprised
you recently, right?


We have been trusted by a lot of meat plants, and our products are always characterised by high quality, long-lasting flavour and aroma adjusted to the customer expectations, and a very good functionality. 


Maintaining the highest quality and repeatability of our products is achieved through:

Rigorous qualification of suppliers

Rigorous qualification of suppliers

Multi-stage acceptance of new raw materials

Multi-stage acceptance of new raw materials

Thorough inspection of raw materials and finished products

Thorough inspection of raw materials and finished products

Appropriate design and verification process

Appropriate design and verification process

Modern production line and spacious warehouse

Modern production line and spacious warehouse

Quick completion of orders

Quick completion of orders


The obvious element of our work is a professional
technological support. We offer consultancy
with our technologists, whose knowledge and experience
will help to select or prepare an appropriate mix
that meets your expectations.


Our work relating to the creation of new flavours
is verified both internally and externally; our staff
underwent sensory analysis, whose results were used
to establish a sensory panel. We perform sensory evaluation
of each mix for the final product, and we send
some of them to consumer tests.

We are proud of:

Farmer's home-made spices

It is a mixture whose name and composition are registered in the Patent Office. The harmonious blend of spices and flavours made it possible to obtain a product of unique taste.


we are the only company offering pork collagen proteins on the market, which are characterised by a very low fat and high protein content, as well as diversified structure dedicated to block or injection products.


Preparations that extend shelf life and are very efficient compared to other products sold on the market. We are experts in securing food. Every month, we protect more than 7,800 tonnes of food products available in the store.

To meet your expectations, we pursue the objective contained in the company's strategy:

The customer gets a unique and innovative product

which stands out from competition and at the same time provides economic benefits.

He or she feels safe

in terms of technological support.

He or she is sure that

All Spice is always able to solve any emerging problems.

He or she feels that

we really want to help him or her, and not only sell an excellent product.